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Hakkimizda |Vatan Sever Elektro Mekanik

Approximately 1800 industrial companies operate under Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce. Most of them exist in the counties of Gebze, İzmit and Körfez. 26 of 100 large industrial companies of our country take place in Kocaeli. Also, more than 100 foreign companies exist within geographic borders of Kocaeli. Considering sectors in which the said industrial companies operate, chemical industry occupies the top with 28%. It is followed by metal stuff industry, metal main industry, automotive industry, machinery industry and stone/earth-base industry respectively.

VATANSEVER ELECTRO-MECHANICS TRADE LTD COMPANY and INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE AND PROJECT SERVICES’ PROVIDER has provided services for Turkish industry since 1960 and achieved the experience that it has today. Furthermore, it has been developing continuously by following rapidly developing business opportunities in the sector in which it operates and very fast advances in technology carefully. Thus, it has become a leading institutional company well-known in Kocaeli and around it as a company implementing, researching and seeking novelties.

Our company has become solution partner of many industrial companies existing in Kocaeli as mentioned above and around it in AC-DC electric motor windings with discipline, mentality and service quality befitting Turkish industry. As a result, it ensured high customer satisfaction and then, it has maintained customer satisfaction by focusing on it to make it a principle in its working. Considering increasing demands of the sector and customers, we were authorized by worldwide known foreign and domestic companies as service provider and dealer to provide TPM-base (Total Productive Maintenance) industrial project services, which are implemented by us, in addition to AC-DC electric motor winding services to enlarge our customer portfolio.

Our company requires the same quality and service from its suppliers with those that it provides for its customers for fulfilling its responsibility in providing high-quality services for them. Therefore, spare parts and materials, which are used in AC-DC electric motor windings, are supplied by leading certified companies in their sectors and having same mentality with us. For example, enameled coil wires and insulation liquids that we use have JAS-ANZ ISO-9001 certificate and other insulation materials have ISO-9001,ISO/TS 16949 Quality and Authorization certificate.

Our work place was established in İZMİT Körfez Industrial Zone and equipped with the most advanced technologic devices allowing providing best services for the sector and has the capacity enough to provide the required maintenance and technical services in addition to AC-DC Electric motor windings. In addition, our technical personnel and staff, who were properly trained and have the required professional experience, detect failures and defects in situ and provide the required services on demand of our customers.

VATANSEVER Industrial Maintenance and Project Services’ Provider has been providing services for many industrial companies in Kocaeli in electrical crane maintenance sector for more than 20 years.

Our company, which has always aimed to provide high-quality services for its customers by following legal amendments, technologic developments and novelties, has ensured high customer satisfaction by providing trainings for operating and maintenance to create healthy workplaces based on OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) in addition to its projects related to TPM-base periodic maintenance services, compulsory inspections, improvement, development, renewing and new system installation.

Our company aims sustainability of high-quality services, which has made a principle by our company, and ensuring that they are received in larger areas, and its new target is to make contact with manufacturers having high-quality products and services to become their technical service provider, dealer and supplier.